Recuva - download a completely free program for data recovery with a pleasant and intuitive interface, as well as a non-standard algorithm for finding deleted, formatted or lost data.

In addition to recovery, Recuva has the ability to securely delete confidential information;

Recovery of any information. Office documents, photos, audio and video files, contents of mailboxes;

The built-in assistant will help you to correctly configure the search for data to be recovered by selecting the types of files and media;

In addition to hard drives and flash drives, recovery from damaged media, CD / DVD / Dlue-ray, HDD, Flash is supported;

After scanning, you can choose either full recovery or custom. From the list of found files of the same type, you can select only the necessary ones for recovery.

Download and install Recuva and not a single byte of information will be completely lost.

Recuva free download for Windows 10 and Android

Key features of the Piriform Recuva software product:

- recover lost data from partially or completely formatted or physically damaged HDD disks.

- recover deleted messages from mailboxes of popular mail clients.

- recover deleted music files on digital media players.

- the ability to display files with a size of 0.

- the program is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system.

- the ability to display files in hidden folders.

- the program will help to permanently delete those hidden files that are undesirable for recovery.

Have you accidentally deleted an important file? Lost your favorite photos due to an operating system crash? Don't worry - Recuva will help you recover deleted files. And it will do it from anywhere on your computer, memory stick, email or MP3 player! Fast, reliable, free and ad-free.

Recuva data recovery

The free Recuva program is one of the most popular tools for recovering data from a flash drive, memory card, hard drive or other drive in NTFS, FAT32 and ExFAT file systems with a good reputation (from the same developers as the well-known CCleaner utility).

Among the advantages of the program: ease of use even for a novice user, security, English interface language, the availability of a portable version that does not require installation on a computer. The shortcomings and, in fact, about the process of recovering files in Recuva - further in the review.

The process of recovering deleted files with Recuva

After starting the program, the recovery wizard will automatically open, and if you close it, the program interface or the so-called advanced mode will open.

The differences are not particularly noticeable, but: when restoring in advanced mode, you will see a preview of the supported file types (for example, photos), and in the wizard, just a list of files that can be restored (but if you wish, you can switch to advanced mode from the wizard) ...

The recovery procedure in the wizard consists of the following steps:

1. On the first screen, click Next, and then specify the type of files you want to find and recover.

2. Specify the location where these files were located - this may be some folder from which they were deleted, a USB flash drive, a hard drive, etc.

3. Include (or do not include) in-depth analysis. I recommend turning it on - although in this case the search takes longer, but it may be possible to recover more lost files.

4. Wait for the search to finish (it took about 5 minutes on a 16 GB USB 2.0 flash drive).

5. Select the files you want to recover, click the “Recover” button and specify the save location. Important: do not save data to the same drive from which you are recovering.

Recover files in Recuva

The files in the list may have a green, yellow or red mark, depending on how well they are preserved and how likely they can be recovered.

File recovery in advanced mode

1. Select the drive where you want to find and restore data.

2. I recommend to go to Settings and enable deep analysis (other parameters are optional). The "Find Undeleted Files" option allows you to try to recover unreadable files from a damaged drive.

3. Click the Analyze button and wait for the search to complete.

4. A list of found files will be displayed with a preview for the supported types (extensions).

Recover files in Recuva

5. Mark the files you want to recover and specify the save location (do not use the drive from which you are recovering).

I tested Recuva with a flash drive with photos and documents formatted from one file system to another (my standard scenario when writing reviews of data recovery software) and with another USB drive from which all files were simply deleted (not to the trash).

If in the first case there was only one photo (which is strange - I expected either none or all), in the second - all the data that was on the flash drive before deletion and, despite the fact that some of them were marked "red", all they have been successfully restored.

You can download Recuva for free (compatible with Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7) to recover files from the official website of the program (by the way, if you do not want to install the program, then at the bottom of the specified page there is link to Builds Page where Portable version of Recuva is available).

To summarize, we can say that in cases where, after deleting your files, the storage medium - a USB flash drive, hard disk or something else, was no longer used and nothing was recorded on them, Recuva may well help you and return everything back. For more complex cases, this program is less suitable and this is its main drawback. If you need to recover data after formatting, I can recommend Puran File Recovery or PhotoRec.